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The current release of Behold is:
1.2.2, 10 Jan 2017

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Other Downloads (all are free)

Language Translation Files

The text used in Behold's Everything Report is customizable. By default Behold displays in English. But translation files can be created for any language. All translation files developed for Behold will be available here.

The available languages and the name of "The Everything Report" in each language are:

  • Dutch.bho - "Het ALLES verslag" - thanks to Hendrik Acket
  • French.bho - "Le ‘TOUT’ rapport" - thanks to Michelle Rul via Hendrik Acket
  • German.bho - "Der Alles-Report" - thanks to Daniel Schell

**Note: These three files need updating. New text from Version 1.1 needs translation. Your help would be appreciated.

To use a translation file with Behold, see: Using a Translation File.

If your language isn't listed, consider making one yourself. If you've made one, please send it to me and I'll add it. It isn't hard to make a translation file, see: Creating a translation file.

Behold User Guide PDF

If you want the Behold User Guide as a single PDF file you can take with you or print out, here it is. It's the same as the User Guide on this website as well as the Help file that comes with Behold. It's quite large, but so be it.


GEDCOM File Finder

There is the "Find Files" menu item in Behold that brings up a window that can find GEDCOM and Behold files on your computer, display information about them, and allow you to open the files or view them with a text reader. I have made this functionality available as a simple, single-windowed program. It is freeware, and will work with or without Behold. See this webpage: