User ID and License Key Needed

You must obtain a User ID and License Key to run Behold. Without a License Key, all you can do is view this help file.

Getting an ID and Trial Key

You can register online to get a free User ID and Trial License Key for Behold. This License Key will work for 45 days and then it will expire.

Better Yet: Consider Purchasing

You can get a permanent key, good forever, by purchasing Behold. You get several major benefits by purchasing Behold as early as you can:
1. You won't have to put up with the initial info box every time you start Behold or the Buy Now button that is on the toolbar.
2. The current price is the lowest price Behold will ever be offered at!  Version 1.x is $40 US. Version 2.x will be higher, probably $70. No need to wait. You won't get a lower price by waiting.
3. Behold comes with free upgrades for life. Unlike other programs, you will never have to pay when new versions are released.
4. Behold comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee. There is no risk involved on your part.
5. I will do my absolute best to give you personal support and answer any and all questions.
6. Your support will do much to encourage me to take Behold to its potential.