How Will Behold Help You With Your Genealogy?

Behold is designed to get you organized, save you time, and help you to do further research.

Get Organized

If you are researching 12 different ancestral lines, 6 possibly related families, all the people from one of your ancestral towns and your son's wife's family as well, then you already are doing something that most genealogy programs were not built for. Add to that, the complexity of keeping your source materials organized adds even more complication to the task.
You should at least be able to have a genealogy program that can organize all that information into something usable and understandable. Printing out 1000 family sheets won't do that for you. Printing all the descendants of one line doesn't do that for you. Printing all 12 ancestral lines messes you up even more, since many people and the same information will be on 2, 4, or even all of the 12 printouts. How will you find anyone? You need Behold and its Everything Report.

Save Time

When you can print out Everything and take it with you in a binder wherever you may need it, you have an immediate reference that will put your facts at your fingertips. The alternative is to tote your laptop with you, start it up, and try to find the info you need in your genealogy program. Even if you do this, it will still be faster finding your information with Behold than with other programs. 
Why is that? Well, Behold won't make you open different forms for each person, or generate reports to see what you want, or make you do a complex search that requires you to open each note one-by-one until you've got the right one. There is one Everything Report and it is easy to find what you want quickly.

Help You Do Further Research

Other than being able to have everything at your fingertips, Behold's will get you organized. It will put all you information about certain people or families or surnames or places or sources together. You can contact a second cousin and quickly get everything you've got on their relatives, and know what information you need from them. You can easily see what records you've already found at a research library, and you will not waste time when you're there by repeating work you did before.

Lots of Benefits

Behold will help you in many ways, including some that few other programs will do. Rather than list them all here, please visit the "For You" page at the Behold website, where dozens of benefits are listed.